Thursday, June 30, 2005

Glastonbury 2005 - Wednesday

Mick & Diane turn up at ten on the Wednesday morning, and Al & I are already ready. Astoundingly, we set off at 10.45, only 45 minutes after we had planned to! An easy drive as well, straight down, with no holdups whatsoever, and into the carpark right next to the entrance we wanted to go in.

Through the gates with no hassle too, the seemingly ridiculously OTT ticketing system worked fine and by 5.05 we were on-site. 'The green fields are closed' came the cry as soon as we entered, so we tried to think where else we should camp. Obviously we decided pretty much upon 'right here, then'. The former geographer amongst us kept going, 'no no, bit further on, this bit looks like it could get boggy if it rains', and, with only a wee grumble, we accede to her and walk on a little bit.

8pm, tents all set up (one takes quite a while as it belongs to a mate who is coming down tomorrow and we have no idea how it goes up, when we've finished we're convinced it's wrong, but good enough, so screw it.) - time to open the beer and have a barbie - the smoke from which obviously goes straight into our tents. Hey ho. Call charlie over and say hello, followed up by calling Debi (at her first Glastonbury too, working up in Lost Vaguenss) to have some lovely tea before wandering off to look around the site and find the cider bus.

That takes rather longer than expected, as I've never even tried to find it before, what with cider being vile & all, but tis not too hard. Pint in hand - rapidly made up to one and a half thanks to the addition of the pint of the only one amongst us who does normally drink the damned stuff - and amble around chatting to various peeps who turn up (including one Master Dub - the only Urbanite I manage to meet all weekend, slacker that I am).

Afore too long I realise that cider is not only pretty vile, it's also pretty good at getting one drunk, so I decide to amble back to the tent. Even more astoundingly than our setting off on time, I find my way straight back to our tent (via the Dance villagem, which looks pretty damned funky) and clamber in with my already sleeping beloved, and off we go.


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