Friday, June 17, 2005


Yes it’s a Bollywood soundtrack but it’s an A.R.Rehman and Ismail Darbar soundtrack which is what matters more. They are both fantastic music directors and have done well again. The film-well that was rubbish but we’ll leave discussion about that for elsewhere. But the music is great. The sound is very earthy and grounded but at the same time the melodies take you to another place.

All the songs compliment each other really well and nothing feels out of place. Be it the romantic ‘Hum hain is pal yahan’ or the Courtesan’s ‘Chilman Uthegii Nahin’ track each song has an individual style but yet fits together with the others. (Actually maybe I lie, there is one song which really grates and it is the English song which I feel should never have been done and was probably created on the request of film’s director rather than an initiative of the music directors. I chose to remove it from the album when transferring the soundtrack over to my iPod!)The instrumental pieces are beautiful and it would have actually been nice if they were a little longer. The two music directors, Rehman and Darbar really have produced something outstanding in my opinion. Rehman’s freshness and almost ‘futuristic’ style and Darbar’s use of Indian classical music has really worked. Overall it is a must have soundtrack and will definitely outlive the fame of the film!

Many people who do not understand Hindi might be wary of listening to such a soundtrack they do not understand but I feel that you can still appreciate the music (and maybe even more so).

If you liked the music of Kisna then it is definitely worth checking out Devdas and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (Ismail Darbar) and Dil Se (A.R.Rehman)


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