Monday, November 21, 2005

Julian Cope - Dark Orgasm

Dedicated to Freedom & Equality for Women

Death to Monotheism
Death to Corporations
Death to invisible Gods
Death to organised religion

Julian Copes second album of 2005 finds him re-visiting familiar territory – hard rock, paganistic religions and an appreciation of the female as divine.

Of course he does so in his own unique way that belies any notion of hippy drippy shit or Lilith tour tosh. Oh no – this album positively rocks. Cope has never made any secret of his love of Kiss and seventies rockers like the Groundhogs, but not even on the Brain Donor albums have the Alice Cooperisms been as apparent.

Guitarist Doggentank has really got the Michael Bruce/Glen Buxton sound down pat, throughout the first cd (the album is split into two cd’s despite it only being 50 minutes long, another glorious throwback to the seventies there). From the opening bars we are thrown straight back into the glory days of glam, it’s even as if some of the lyrics are deliberately trite, Christ everyone knows you should never listen to metal lyrics, and there is no change form that principle here. On White Bitch Come Good we have the positively Urban Guerilla’y ‘Im a dancer, necromancer, I’m a chancer, necromancer’ – yeah, go do it in the road Julian!

Then, for subtlety, there’s Mr Invasion ‘Mr Invasion, you’re killing their workforce, Mr Invasion, you’re killing their workhorse’, which can only be topped (ahem!) by the stunning line in the ‘tender love song’ I’ve Found A New Way to Love Her – ‘just like Ken Bigley, I’m losing my head on account of you.’ Let’s hope Dorian appreciated the sentiment at least!

Somehow I doubt an Ivor Novello award is in the offing. And we better not get into any detailed analysis of She’s Got A Ring On Her Finger… (& Another One Through Her Nose) beyond saying that clearly JC hasn’t fully grasped the contradictory nature of women’s life in Islamic societies.

But the lyrics aren’t the bloody point anyway. The point, is how, and to what extent, does it rock?

To which the only answer possible is: ‘Like A Motherfucker’. This is the best heavy rock album out this year by a mile, every track on the first album gets heavier and heavier, a glorious mix of cabaret and rock ‘n’ roll, theatrical, amusing and deadly serious. She’s Got A Ring…. is great early Sabbath, Mr Invasion pure Alice, with just a hint of Iron Maiden.

CD 2 is one long psychic workout – The Death and Resurrection Show. Overall, I don’t think Copes voice isn’t really a brilliant hard rock singer, but it’s at its best here. Death… most sounds like something off Jehovakill with it’s almost Neu! like clashing guitars and keyboard and pounding drums. This is, of course, a bloody good thing. I can hardly wait to hear it played live, in somewhere like the Rescue Rooms, it should be positively terrifying: intense; claustrophobic; strangely sexy. It works like a mini-drama in its own right, from a curtain-burning down opener, up through slower, darker, times, to a somewhat creepy middle section, before resurrection kicks in and the light returns, culminating in a glorious and joyful finale that will see people leaping around venues across the country next Febuary.

Until then, insert into CD player, sit back, and turn the volume up to 11…

JC on tour:

13th Feb - Junction, CAMBRIDGE
B/O No: 01223 511 511

14th Feb - Zodiac, OXFORD
B/O No: 01865 420 042 /

15th Feb - Opera House, BOURNEMOUTH
B/O No: 0870 830 1414

16th Feb - Koko, LONDON
Ticket info line is 0870 4325527

18th Feb - Rescue Rooms, NOTTINGHAM
B/O No: 0115 958 8484

19th Feb - Wulfrun Hall, WOLVERHAMPTON
B/O No: 01902 552 121

20th Feb - Academy, BRISTOL
B/O No: 0117 29 9008

22nd Feb - Northumbria Uni, NEWCASTLE
B/O No: 0191 261 2606 / 0191 233 0444

23rd Feb - Metropolitan Uni, LEEDS
B/O No: 0113 244 4600

24th Feb - Academy 2, MANCHESTER
B/O No: 0161 275 2930

25th Feb - QMU, GLASGOW
B/O No: 0870 169 0100